Accelerate acceptance and integration of intersex persons through awareness creation.

Center for Innovative Community Advocacy & Development.

Accelerate acceptance and integration of intersex persons through awareness creation.

Nairobi Urban informal settlements (Kibera, Mukuru and Kawangware slums)

CICAD Kenya is seeking $ 12,678 to enhance intersex awareness campaign to guarantee inclusion.

About the Organization

CICAD is a non-profit international organization that was started in the year 2020 to flare up change and development through building community innovative capacity. Community is constituted by; the leaders, youths, women, children, civil society organization, faith-based organization among others. The organization believes like Albert Einstein that you cannot do the same thing over and over again expecting the same result, that according to him tantamount to insanity. It’s for this reason that CICAD was formed to bring change to the mindset of individuals that constitute the community as a way to yield positive change and to flare up social economic development.

CICAD is an innovative community for change and development. CICAD promotes change of agents and agency through advocacy and also promotes innovative community development

  1. To promote innovative change communities through training, advocacy and building local frameworks and structures.
  2. Promote innovative development through capacity building and material support to the target communities
  1. Accelerate acceptance of intersex persons through awareness creation.
  2. Engage with duty and right holders on intersex to boost protection and inclusion.
  1. To be a world-class innovative organization at the center of change and community development

  1. To change communities through innovative advocacy and to promote innovative community development through research, training, community engagements, advocacy and material support.

  1. To demonstrate honesty and integrity in all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and our employees
  2. Do no harm
  3. Transparency and accountability
  1. Community Member
  2. Community Based Organization
  3. Civil Society Organization
  4. Churches/Schools
  5. Policy Makers

Project Background

According to the UN Free & Equal Campaign, initiated by the UN Office for Human Rights and a researcher Anne Fausto-Sterling concluded that around 1.7% of newborn babies across the world can be classified as intersex. There are 1,524 intersex people in the Kenya, according to the 2019 Population and Housing Census released.  Despite their growing numbers there remains significant international, regional and national outcry on the prevalence of human rights violations perpetrated against Intersex persons. This has occasioned increased initiatives towards safeguarding their enjoyment and realization of human rights and freedoms. Due to discrimination majority of them do not enroll in formal education, seek health care services or come public on their conditions because of stigma associated with intersex.  In this regard, CICAD Kenya has continually advocated to safeguard the realization and enjoyment of human rights for the intersex persons as equal persons before the law. Despite concerted efforts, many communities in Kenya still view intersex as a course due to lack of awareness. Communities also grapple with pressing challenges such as food insecurity, youth unemployment, corruption, and gender-based violence.

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