Changing community mindsets involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses various activities aimed at education, engagement, and empowerment. CICAD believes that there has to be a change of mind-set by the community for community development to be realized. CICAD conduct a series of activities to help drive a shift in community mindset:

Training/Skills building Workshops to boost community knowledge and skills.

CICAD organizes workshops or training programs that equip community members with practical skills, such as communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and critical thinking. These skills empower individuals to contribute positively to their communities. The workshops and training sessions focused on topics such as diversity, inclusion, empathy, conflict resolution, mental health awareness, and sustainable living. CICAD trains key community leaders to lead this change programs or initiatives.

Skill building workshops also includes facilitating skill-sharing sessions and capacity-building workshops where community members can learn from each other, exchange knowledge, and build practical skills. This could include workshops on gardening, cooking, sustainable practices, or digital literacy.

Community dialogue forums to enhance community strategic connection.

CICAD Organizes forums, meetings, or discussion groups where community members can come together to share perspectives, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions. Encourage respectful dialogue and active listening. Community dialogue forums also include promoting interfaith and interethnic dialogue initiatives that foster understanding, respect, and collaboration among different religious and cultural groups within the community. Encourage joint events, and cultural celebrations to promote social cohesion.

CICAD Facilitate cultural exchange programs that allow people from different backgrounds to interact, learn from each other, and celebrate diversity. Strategic connections also mean evaluating community network of partners, associates and supporters aimed at building local community network.

Media and Communication Campaigns aimed at raising awareness.

CICAD uses media campaigns, social media initiatives, and public awareness campaigns to promote positive messages, challenge stereotypes, and highlight community achievements. Use storytelling and visual media to engage and inspire communities.

Leaders Empowerment Initiatives aimed at promoting inclusion and participation.

CICAD Creates opportunities for youth involvement and leadership development. Support youth-led projects, mentorship programs, and youth councils to empower the next generation of community leaders and change-makers.

Collaborative Problem Solving aimed at addressing deep community problems.

CICAD Encourages collaboration among community stakeholders, including local government, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and residents. Work together to identify common challenges and co-create solutions that benefit the entire community.

Policy Advocacy and Grassroots Movements building community policies.

Engage in advocacy efforts to promote policy changes that align with community values and priorities. Support grassroots movements that address systemic issues and advocate for social justice.

Continuous Feedback and Evaluation

Regularly gather feedback from community members through surveys, focus groups, and consultations. Use data and insights to assess progress, refine strategies, and ensure that initiatives are responsive to community needs.