About Us.


One of the major challenges of development in Africa include but are not limited to the “The Africa Production gap” (Africa is a consumer society rather than a producer’s society). Additionally, there is a high rate of unemployment, corruption and accountability gap. The companies act of 2015, however provides ease through which organizations can be registered and operate in Kenya to enhance productivity of non-governmental organizations.

County governments in Kenya are providing much needed developmental services to all corners of the country by focusing resources on local priorities. This system of devolution has the potential to accelerate Kenya’s development in a more inclusive, relevant and sustainable way.

Despite so many efforts to build the support the communities in Kenya, so many communities still struggle with issues relating to food security, unemployment of youths, corruption, gender based violence, lack of funds for education of children, and the list continues. It is for this reason that CICAD has been founded to contribute to the improvement of the community power by proposing as strategy of innovative approaches to community development. CICAD believes that with a change of mindset and innovative community empowerment, a sustainable community development can be realized.

About the Organization

CICAD is a non-profit international organization that was started in the year 2020 to flare up change and development through building community innovative capacity. Community is constituted by; the leaders, youths, women, children, civil society organization, faith based organization among others. The organization believes like Albert Einstein that you cannot do the same thing over and over again expecting the same result, that according to him tantamount to insanity. It’s for this reason that CICAD was formed to bring change to the mindset of individuals that constitute the community as a way to yield positive change and to flare up social economic development.

Our objectives include but not limited to;

  1. To transform conflicts among communities
  2. To promote good governance
  3. To build community livelihoods
  4. To promote environmental consciousness and stewardship
  5. To promote human rights advocacy and Child safeguarding initiatives
  6. To build community innovative and technological capacity

Vision Statement

To be a world class organization that promotes a shift of power to the community as a way for sustainable community development

Mission Statement

To Build Community power for change and socio-economic development

Our Corporate Values

  • To demonstrate honesty and integrity in all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and our employees
  • Do no harm
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Care for the environment