Most Africa communities are ravaged by conflicts which in many cases makes development a new to impossible agenda to realize. Such conflict revolves around elections, interethnic conflicts, domestic conflicts, religious conflict among others.  CICAD believes that peace is a requirement for development. It is for this reason that it for this reason that it builds peace structure within communities so as to promote peaceful coexistence. There are diverse approaches to peacebuilding, however CICAD focuses on;

Training on conflict analysis and peacebuilding approaches

Researches have demonstrated that education help a lot in helping individuals with insights aimed at providing them with diverse viewpoints.

Community Dialogue

Community dialogue helps communities to identify issues affecting and discuss possible solution to those issues.

Development is sometimes affected by how the society is organized, or the structures of government. Some structures enable development while others hinder development. A practical example is the road infrastructure. Good roads facilitate smooth trade but bad roads hinder trading and by extension development. Building of roads is in the domain of the government. it is the prerogative of the citizens to ensure that leaders leave up to their mandate as duty holders. Good leadership and Innovative governance promotes socio-economic development. The vice versa is true of bad leadership. CICAD believes that good leaders are not born good but they are made. One of the key areas that CICAD focuses on is promotion of good leadership and working with leaders from the different frames of society in ensuring service delivery aimed at boosting economic power. The following approached are key in the realization of this objective;

Civic Education

Change begins with an individual. This change can be triggered in many ways but the key and most important ones are dialogue forums for change. Through dialogue forums we discuss the issues that affect leadership, governance and development with the targeted population in order to change the narrative of leadership, a system of government that is for the benefit of a greater community and serves the course of development. The training must incorporate youths and women through leadership dialogue forums so that there is full participation and involvement in the process. The women and the youths are targeted in this case because they have been sidelined in history where development is concerned and research has shown that they play pivotal role in household and community development

Promoting social Accountability

CICAD believe that citizens should actively participate in the way they are governed and where necessary put the leadership to account regarding community projects. This will lessen the possibilities of some leaders misappropriating funds or directing funds into wrong projects. Social accountability can be doing through tax governance and other ways.

Change of mind-sets is key to economic development. Community development is a gap that has existed in our societies for a while now. The consequences of which are many; cycle of poverty, Joblessness, drug abuse, school drop out by teenagers, trauma, family breakups and the list continues. CICAD believes that our communities can be better than they are if they can embrace change and adopt innovation aimed at developing the communities. the following approaches can be used to realize this objective;

Youth Education and Empowerment

Previous research shows that the greatest population percentage is the youths. than any development process in Africa that does not put into consideration the youths in their numbers is denying Africa a future that is productive. CICAD will remain steadfast in youth empowerment in areas of education, entrepreneurship, leadership, talent development among others. this will happen to ensure that the youths have the capacity to take on leadership and wheel the continent to a better future.

Women Empowerment

United Nations deputy secretary Asha-Rose Migiro once stated that, that when women are empowered the whole society benefits. CICAD believes that by economically empowering the women the whole society stands to benefit. It is for this reason that CICAD has developed clear platform that deals with women issues that hinder their economic empowerment and how to employ innovation in building women economic capacities.

With the increased case of gender based violence and risks that target the children, CICAD exist not just to as a child protection body but as a body that promote gender justice and awareness creation on gender injustices.

With Global warming and other climate related issues on the rise, the issue around climate is not something to ignore, it is a call of every individual and organization, institutions included to contribute little or more to nature as a way of preserving nature for the future generation. CICAD does not only advocate for the green energy, it researches on practical solutions to environment challenges such as pollution and desertification.

Our Target

The geographical target of this organization is the Marginalized Counties in Kenya and Urban informal settlements.  The theme proposed and the strategy adopted will depend on the assessment of the need of the identified community in their respective areas and Counties. It is important to note however that our major target will be the marginalized communities and urban informal settlements. CICAD will target civil society organization, vulnerable groups such as women and youths, local leaders and members of the targeted communities.

Our Competitive Advantage

Reputation-We maintain a highly regarded reputation for excellence in the services we offer to our dear communities.

Research: Our intervention is informed by innovative research

Personnel: CICAD has an outstanding personnel capacity very passionate to the process of community change and innovative development.

Community: The central focus for change and development for CICAD is the community. They take central place in our operations.

Midwifery: CICAD does not provide for solution to community problems but empowers the community to be the architect of their own future


CICAD sustainability is pegged on youth’s empowerment for leadership governance and development. The organization believes that empowering the youths and pushing for policies on youth empowerment is an opportunity for end and continuity, that as the program ends in continues with the empowered. stakeholders


CICAD main goal is to see an integral development in communities. the development in this case has several dimension; social development, economic development, technological development, cultural development, political and environmental development. You cannot do one at the expense of the others. that is why CICAD is adopting an integral approach to development so that the community that we target receives a complete package.

evelopment. The organization believes that empowering the youths and pushing for policies on youth empowerment is an opportunity for end and continuity, that as the program ends in continues with the empowered. stakeholders