We are an Innovative Community for Change & Development Not-for-profit organization based in Kenya.

Early Days

CICAD is a non-profit Kenyan Based organization that was started in the year 2020 to flare up change and development through building community innovative capacity. The organization believes like Albert Einstein that you cannot do the same thing over and over again expecting the same result, that according to him tantamount to insanity. It’s for this reason that CICAD was formed to bring change to the mindset of individuals that constitute the community as a way to yield positive change and to flare up social economic development.
CICAD is an innovative community for change and development. CICAD promotes change of agents and agency through advocacy and innovative development.


CICAD envisions a future where every community thrives, embracing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.


Our mission is to champion innovative advocacy and development initiatives that uplift individuals, create sustainable opportunities, and drive positive transformation across neighborhoods. Through collaborative efforts, digital inclusion, and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we aspire to be catalysts for lasting change. Together, we’re building a world where every voice is heard, every need is met, and every community becomes a beacon of resilience, growth, and shared prosperity.

CICAD is a pioneering force in community development, committed to fostering sustainable growth, empowerment, and inclusivity in neighborhoods across the marginalized regions in Kenya. Established in 2020 our organization emerged from a shared vision to address societal challenges through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

Despite so many efforts by many institutions to build and support the marginalized communities in Kenya, so many communities still struggle with issues relating to food security, unemployment of youths, corruption, gender-based violence, lack of funds for education of children, and the list continues. It is for this reason that CICAD has been founded to contribute to the improvement of the community power by proposing a strategy of innovative approaches to community development. CICAD believes that with a change of mindset and innovative community empowerment, a sustainable community development can be realized.

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