CICAD's Geographic Focus and Target Audience

CICAD’s mission to promote social justice and sustainable development is centered around uplifting marginalized communities in Kenya, particularly those residing in marginalized counties and urban informal settlements. Our geographic focus is deliberate, driven by the recognition of the acute needs and challenges faced by these communities. Through tailored strategies and targeted interventions, CICAD aims to empower and uplift those who have historically been marginalized and underserved.


Marginalized Counties in Kenya

CICAD’s outreach extends to marginalized counties across Kenya, where communities face systemic challenges and limited access to essential services. By focusing on these regions, CICAD seeks to address the unique socio-economic and developmental disparities that exist, working towards equitable opportunities and improved quality of life for residents.



Urban Informal Settlements

Urban informal settlements are hubs of poverty, inequality, and vulnerability, where basic amenities are often lacking, and residents face numerous social and economic barriers. CICAD recognizes the urgent need to support and empower individuals living in these marginalized urban areas, striving to catalyze positive change and foster inclusive development.



Civil Society Organizations

CICAD collaborates closely with civil society organizations (CSOs) operating within marginalized communities, leveraging collective expertise and resources to amplify impact. Through strategic partnerships and capacity-building initiatives, CICAD strengthens the capabilities of CSOs to effectively address community needs and advocate for positive change.



Vulnerable Groups

Women, youth, and other vulnerable groups are at the forefront of CICAD’s target audience. Recognizing the intersecting forms of marginalization they face, CICAD implements targeted programs and initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality, youth empowerment, and social inclusion. By prioritizing the needs and aspirations of these groups, CICAD strives to create pathways to economic independence and social empowerment.


Local Leaders and Community Members

Engaging local leaders and community members is essential for sustainable development and meaningful change. CICAD facilitates participatory processes that empower grassroots leaders and community members to become active agents of development within their own communities. Through inclusive decision-making and community-driven initiatives, CICAD fosters ownership and accountability, ensuring that interventions are responsive to local priorities and aspirations.


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